Operating out of West Bengal, delivering to the world.

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About Us

With over 6 decades of experience in the Jute Industry, we are one of the largest extant manufacturers of jute products. Our expertise is magnified by the machinery, technology, and product innovation we employ. Our company offers end-to-end solutions for customers all over the world.


We believe in producing superior quality products and providing the best services to each client. With the customer at our focus, we strive to meet complex requirements and anticipate future needs. We like to create deep bonds, both within the company and beyond. At our workspaces we strive to maintain a family atmosphere, comfort and excellence.


By making our reach wider and deeper across the globe, our satisfied customers and repeat buyers have helped us mark our presence in more than 60 countries - making us one of the top manufacturers and exporters in the Jute Industry.


We are committed to building the largest and most diversified portfolio in the Industry. Developing relationships with customers, with a focus on technology and product innovation, is our forte. We have set industry standards with our production capabilities.